Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Camouflage Shirts in 7 colors

Tattered shirts in camouflage stile in 7 colors, also avaiable separatly in my store

uh... very sexy.. not?

and... TARAAA new FREEBIE shirt with hearts from my heart, for sweeties

Sunday, March 14, 2010

St. Patricks Day Special "Leprechaun" Outfit


  • Jacket Layer
  • Pants and underpants
  • green st.patricks day "Leprechaun" Hat

only 50L

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Monday, March 8, 2010

SLInfo Tulips Hunt - I'm ready!

50+ content creators are there, they need 50 more!

for more information please visit slinfo.de

1. you are a content creator? Want to be a part of this hunt?
2.Fill out a notecard with
  • your name
  • label / brand
  • Landmark
send it INWORLD to Sushischwester Swindlehurst

2. then you get a tulip, with a LM to THE NEXT shop with a hunt gift.
3.put your gift in a box with LMs, NC etc. what you want to give away and put this BOX in the tulip. please only the hunt-landmark and your box.
4. hide the tulip in your shop. (not too heavy please)
5. important: set the tulip for sale with 0L and VERY important: Content, NOT a copy or the original, no: CONTENT!
6. Vivianne Hobble made this wonderful tulip-hunt pic and the starter tulip will be sent to all creators when the list is finish:)
7. You can send this starter Tulip to all your customers.

its a german speaking hunt

I am not an organizer of the hunt. this is just advertising for Shop Owners but i'm part of it:-)
I'm german speaking, sorry for the bad english ;-)