Monday, March 8, 2010

SLInfo Tulips Hunt - I'm ready!

50+ content creators are there, they need 50 more!

for more information please visit

1. you are a content creator? Want to be a part of this hunt?
2.Fill out a notecard with
  • your name
  • label / brand
  • Landmark
send it INWORLD to Sushischwester Swindlehurst

2. then you get a tulip, with a LM to THE NEXT shop with a hunt gift.
3.put your gift in a box with LMs, NC etc. what you want to give away and put this BOX in the tulip. please only the hunt-landmark and your box.
4. hide the tulip in your shop. (not too heavy please)
5. important: set the tulip for sale with 0L and VERY important: Content, NOT a copy or the original, no: CONTENT!
6. Vivianne Hobble made this wonderful tulip-hunt pic and the starter tulip will be sent to all creators when the list is finish:)
7. You can send this starter Tulip to all your customers.

its a german speaking hunt

I am not an organizer of the hunt. this is just advertising for Shop Owners but i'm part of it:-)
I'm german speaking, sorry for the bad english ;-)

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